Living in Phrom Phong: Convenince in the Capital City

Living in Phrom Phong: Convenince in the Capital City

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Bangkok is home to many vibrant and unique neighbourhoods. When considering what neighbourhood suits you and your family best, you may have a questions. Luckily, neightborhoods like Phrom Phong offer many conveniences that help you live at ease in the bustling capital of Thailand. Phrom Phong provides a perfect location for outdoor activities, shopping, and easy access to transportation.


Getting around Bangkok can be a challenge to say the least. A city that is notorious for traffic jams, sitting in traffic in Bangkok could be called a way of life there. But fortunately, Phrom Phong is home to many luxury condominiums that are just walking distance to the Phrom Phong BTS station, Bangkok’s mass transit rail system. Simply walk out the door, hop on a train and enjoy a nice air-conditioned ride to nearly every corner of the capital without a red light or traffic jam to slow you down.


Bangkok is known for being a vibrant city with a lot to offer. Each neighbourhood offers different things to do and see and Phrom Phong is no exception.

Some of the activities you will find in this neighbourhood include:

  • The Emporium Mall
  • Benjasari Park
  • K-Village
  • Rain Hill

Just a short walk from the Phrom Phong BTS is Benjasari Park. Here you can escape the hustle and bustle of the Thai capital in one of its most pristine green spaces. Bangkok’s Emporium mall is nearby, one of the city’s high-end shopping malls. Here you can enjoy shopping for the world’s finest brands while avoiding the intense Thai heat outside.

Luxury Living

When you are searching for a luxury apartment or condo in Bangkok, look no further than Phrom Phong. Home to many existing high rise condomiums, this area is also has many high rise developments currently under construction. Many apartment buildings, like The Estelle Phrom Phong (called ดิ เอสเทลล์ พร้อมพงษ์ in Thai), are currently selling units that will be available in the middle of 2022. These buildings offer many luxury amenities like fitness centers, swimming pools, spas, and supercar parking in their private garage.

With all of Bangkok’s neighbourhoods it’s easy to be overwhelmed with the choices. It’s important to choose a location that suits your needs, whatever they may be. Phrom Phong offers dozens of living options all well as place to go and things to see.

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